HTML Editor / Quick CSS Cheats

Sometimes the simplest things wind up not being so simple and take far too long than they are worth to complete. This is so true of many things, CSS styling is one of them. Why re-invent the wheel if you don’t have to?

Below you’ll find the steps to quickly recreate CSS styled content by copying and pasting from an existing web page. This method retains the original formatting and is perfect if you have need a simple way to replicate what you’ve already created for content using a WordPress Template or plugin, or on a static HTML site without having to link a stylesheet or completely reformat the content.

Easy Instructions for Replicating perfectly formatted HTML with Copy & Paste

  1. Open HTML Editor in a new window. 
  2. In your current window, visit the web page where the content you would like to replicate is located and highlight, “Select” and “Copy” the desired content.
  3. Return to the HTML Editor and paste your content into the text editor.
  4. Click “Source” at the top left of the text editor and then “Copy” all of the displayed content. ***Do not copy the <body> and <head> tags if your final location already has these in place.
  5. Visit the location where the styled content needs to be, “Paste.” Save your file and you’re done. Easy, right?

I initially discovered this method when trying to create a client’s Company Facebook Page tab the would be using HTML for the content using the Thunderpenny Static HTML App. It’s a free app and I highly recommend it. Check it out here:  Thunderpenny Static HTML